Tech War

Scholz’s China Visit: Opportunities Amidst US De-Risking?

Will Germany follow in the footsteps of the United States and ban the entry of China's electric vehicle industry into its market?

ORAN: Hardly a Magic Bullet vs Huawei

Recently, DigiTimes published an opinion piece triumphantly declaring that the US will “beat Huawei once & for all” by promoting an emerging 5G architecture known as “Open Radio Access Network” (...

Should the US worry about China’s economic slowdown?

Former Finance Minister of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis on the truth of China’s economic slowdown and why the US is afraid of China.

New Frontier of China-US Tech Decoupling: Biomedical Research

The China-US tech war has finally extended to the realm of biology.

2024: How Does China Overcome the US’ Chip Sanctions?

Gaps in knowledge often lead to polarized views - either people maintain blind optimism about China's ability to conquer the "chip" challenge, or express complete pessimism.

Europe used to bring us a sense of technological oppression, and now it’s their turn

"The more backward the more protectionism, the more protectionism the more backward", once led the technological change of Europe is now also caught in such a strange circle. Europe can "break the thi...

“High-Tech Cold War Era” Is Coming

Western countries, led by the United States, view technological change as a foundation for national security, resorting to a high-tech cold war approach to suppress non-western countries.

2023 Review: How China is Catching Up with the US in Key Tech Domains?

While China demonstrates formidable strength in several areas, it still faces challenges in others, particularly in achieving global influence in specific technologies. As both China and the US contin...

2023 Review: Who is Winning in Key Tech Domains?

Is the US's technological war and sanctions slowing China's rise, or is China closing the gap faster than expected?

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