What Does Belarus-China Alliance Mean for the US
July 9, 2024
CNN says it's just about forming a coalition against the US, but it overlooks a more crucial point.

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Chinese Space Industry’s New Achievement Makes Musk Helpless
July 12, 2024
Their approach Musk can't even imitate.
Cook’s Response to Trump Clarified China’s Development
July 1, 2024
Donald Trump once questioned Tim Cook, asking why he was making such large-scale investments in China instead of the United States.
Utilizing Hydropower Brings Human Rights to Africa
July 4, 2024
A Chinese hydropower engineer shared his observations while working on power projects of Chinese companies in Africa.
What if Trump Wins Again?
July 5, 2024
As long as the United States does not aspire to dominate the world, Trump’s election might not be a tragedy.
Only China’s Former Premier Zhou Enlai Can Save Europe
July 9, 2024
A unipolar world is destined for continued turmoil, war, and destruction. In contrast, Premier Zhou Enlai's principles point towards a totally different destiny.
China succeeded by rejecting neoliberalism
July 10, 2024
US’s love of sanctions on China will be its downfall.
China Has to Make a HUGE Decision Now | Richard Wolff
July 9, 2024
Marxist economist Professor Richard Wolff has made a bold observation about the global economy - "American capitalism is no longer the dominant capitalism in the world."
How Chinese Solar Upstarts Eclipsed Big Oil’s Energy Empire?
June 20, 2024 science_hat
China's Photovoltaic Industry: A Rollercoaster Journey to Global Prominence
Black Markets and Brothels, Official Guides of Soros’ Investments
May 6, 2024 science_hat
How do you know if a country is worth an investment? Founder of the Quantum Fund is ready to share some unconventional wisdom.
Poll:How do Pro-Palestinian campus protests boost communist appeal in China?
June 6, 2024 science_hat
From a Chinese perspective, this protest by American students is 105 years overdue
How Biden Tries to Save America by Divorcing Neoliberalism
March 20, 2024 science_hat
After years of forcing neoliberalism down the throats of developing countries, the United States is finally conceding its fallacy by quietly gearing towards Bidenomics. Should it be held accountable though?
Will the real estate sector remain the driver of China’s economic growth?
We’ve chosen and translated competing ideas on the future of China’s economy & the role of the real estate sector from ten top Chinese economists