How Chinese People View the American Movie“Civil War”
June 14, 2024
We have selected the top-rated comments on Chinese socials to answer this question.

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Why Are 10 billion Dollars not Enough to Build a Chinese Factory in the US?
June 10, 2024
Foxconn invested $10 billion to build a factory in the United States, but why did it end up in a mess seven years later?
Will Temu Kill Amazon?
June 12, 2024
The American push to eliminate the 'duty-free' advantage for Chinese cross-border e-commerce seems powerless to curb the unstoppable expansion of these Chinese platforms
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US will be Diplomatically Isolated for how it Handled Israel-Palestine Conflict
June 8, 2024
Blocking the two-state solution is actually blocking peace and the real solution of the Palestine-Israel conflict. No country has a veto against world opinion.
This is what I fund in Xinjiang, China!
June 14, 2024
Western media has fabricated many rumors about Xinjiang, China. However, when you actually visit Xinjiang, you'll find that the reality is quite different.
Indian Expert: With China And Russia Together, We Will Be Unbeatable
June 14, 2024
Over Modi's Pro-US Policy, Indian expert Atul Aneja is more optimistic on China-India cooperation
“US fears India, so their lobby interferes in our elections”
June 3, 2024
The US believes they are at the center of the universe. Other countries should be their follower. They cannot accept the rise of Asia countries like Russia, India, and China.
China’s AI Revolution: Leapfrogging the West With Pragmatic Models
June 6, 2024 science_hat
Faced with resource constraints by US, China's AI is all about efficiency. Can "More With Less" Win the Race?
Former Foreign Secretary of India: How We See a Rising China?
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From an Indian perspective, China is benchmarking itself against the US, rather than considering itself on par with India.
Black Markets and Brothels, Official Guides of Soros’ Investments
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How do you know if a country is worth an investment? Founder of the Quantum Fund is ready to share some unconventional wisdom.
Poll:How do Pro-Palestinian campus protests boost communist appeal in China?
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From a Chinese perspective, this protest by American students is 105 years overdue
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