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The China Academy is an intellectual content network dedicated to helping global audiences understand the key dynamics that are driving how China sees the world, from expert voices who resonate with millions of Chinese youths today and who shape policies and narratives in China.

The China Academy is founded by a team of media professionals, trusted by more than 150 million social media followers, and is supported by China’s top think tanks. This is a gateway to understanding the fundamental logics of how China operates from its politics, to business and economics, science and technology.

The China Academy provides Up-To-Date and On-The-Ground insights through video programs and digital courses on www.thechinaacademy.org and a network of distribution channels. It also runs events and conferences, and has a long history of offering research and advisory work servicing government and corporate institutions.

What we offer

Content Syndicate
The China Academy original content – articles, newsletters, videos and podcasts
Syndication of a wide range of quality content from China for global distribution
Original curriculum taught by top scholars, policy influencers and think tanks from China – to help global stakeholders raise their China IQ
Online and offline forums on China and the world
Immersive study trips to China for professionals and students, with unique access to academia, science and technology research institutions, cultural destinations, industries and businesses, and government representatives
Research and Advisory
For Government – contributor to policy advisory bodies at all levels of the Chinese government
For Business - reports, advisory and workshops for global businesses with significant exposure to China and for Chinese businesses looking for overseas intelligence

Original Content

China Now  这就是中国
A nationally top rated show on geo-politics and current affairs, broadcast on Dragon TV in China
China Currents
Weekly news round-up on what's trending in China
Thinkers Forum
Intellectual discussions on new paradigms of thought
Speak Softly
Current affairs talk show, global issues from a Chinese perspective
Dialogues among young opinion leaders across continents
Trending In
Street interviews reflecting public opinions around the world
Speed Date China
A microcosm of China’s development from the story of entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, diplomats, etc.
From science to technology,from lab to market, the life changing innovations that are happening in China
Daily updates on what’s trending in China

Media Appearance

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Wave Media
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Tik Tok
Thinkers Forum
The China Academy
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Research and Advisory

The China Academy team is a regular contributor to research papers for the Chinese government and government affiliated institutions at the central and local levels of administrations.
Our research team also provides tailor-made reports and advisory workshops for world-leading businesses, helping them to rethink their geopolitical, strategic and operational risks and opportunities.
  • Boutique advisory team servicing corporate C-suites and investors with significant China exposure
  • Knowledge of Chinese government, academia, business, and media; Highly engaged with grassroot public sentiment in China, as well as top advisors to the China’s policy-makers
  • Tailor-made research and education programs


Zhang Weiwei
Professor of Political Science; Director of the China Institute of Fudan University
Liu Yangsheng (Charles)
Founder and Chairman of HAO Capital, served in various capacities in the United Nations system of organizations
Ding Yifan
Deputy Director of the Research Institute of World Development, China Development Research Center of the State Council
Wen Yi
Professor of Economics, Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Former Assistant Vice President of the Economic Research
Di Dongsheng
Professor of International PoliticalEconomy; Vice Dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China
Eric Li S. M.
Chairman & Managing Partner, Chengwei Capital