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2023 Review: Who is Winning in Key Tech Domains?

January 6, 2024
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Is the US's technological war and sanctions slowing China's rise, or is China closing the gap faster than expected? A report by ASPI, an Australian think tank known to promote anti-China views, found China leading in 53/64 emerging technologies. These include advanced materials, clean energy, and IT. The US only leads in 11 areas like AI, semiconductors and biotech. However, ASPI receives over 80% of its overseas funding from the US State Department. It has a record of disseminating misinformation about China. Its claims of Western falls may be influenced by financial backers pushing an agenda. Overall assessments are mixed. Geopolitical tensions and trade conflicts have intensified technological competition, but China's focus and investment could allow it to steadily gain ground in key domains. High-Performance Computing, AI, Quantum Computing, these are the areas that we are going to focus on today.