China’s transition towards new economic impetus

Eric Li speaks on China’s transition towards new economic impetus and its vision for its global role. Li argues that China's plans are stated plainly and outright in official documents, if you know wh...

Courage and conscience: It’s time for independence in media reporting on China

For the sake of journalistic integrity that will be judged by history, can mainstream media maintain independence from short-term, vulgar political and geopolitical influence and interference, especia...

China’s Opening-up is the Light that Illuminates the Life of My Generation

The Shanghai Import Expo, which was held for the first time in 2018, is widely seen as a declaration of China’s determination to expand its opening-up to the outside world and to continuously improve ...

Kissinger: The Maker and Breaker of Diplomacy

It's not about wishing for another figure like him, but about returning to a focus on substantial bilateral interests without unnecessary "political calculations, arrogance, and shortsightedness".

China in the World of Struggle

Russia and the U.S. are in a state of military confrontation, and at the same time the entire West is being led by the U.S. to confront Russia, and the risk of war between China and the U.S. has incre...

What OpenAI’s Power Struggle Means to China?

As the world watches this ‘House of Cards,' we're prompted to question: Who will steer the course of AI, and how will it redefine our collective future?

Taiwan’s Workers’ Movement

Interview with the "Iron Lady" of Taiwan's Workers' Movement

The Allure of the Chinese Model

African leaders came to the Chinese-African summit meeting both to seek out economic cooperation and to draw inspiration from the Chinese model of development.

Does the CPC Work for China?

The CPC is not an equivalent of Western political parties. Selection and election reconnects China’s past with its present.