Vijay Prashad: Why Rich Countries Become Racist?

Why India people believe BBC is telling the truth? Why TikTok struggles to be able to platform and highlight views of the south?Today, Vijay Prashad will continue to tell us why media from the Global ...

Why was China never wiped out like all the other ancient civilizations?

May 26, 2023 China was able to rise and fall many times whereas the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Roman Empire, and the Great British Empire are all “dead”. Why China will not collapse? Prof. Wen...

Vijay Prashad: Why Does India Remain Entrapped by the UK?

May 24, 2023 What is Global South? Vijay Prashad, an Indian Historian, thinks it no longer a geographical concept, but a struggle for dignity from colonialism. Today, we are honoured to have Vijay Pra...

As a Taiwanese, he said: Peaceful reunification is the only way for Taiwan to survive

March 7, 2023 As a Taiwanese political prisoner who supports reunification, he argues that recognizing Taiwan as part of China and pursuing peaceful reunification is the only viable path forward for T...

A Socialist in Taiwan

February 14, 2023 A Taiwanese Dissident's Perspective: The gestation, development and frustration of socialist thinking in Taiwan.

The State Formation of modern China——From the Traditional State of Pluralism and Multiplicity to the Territorial State of Pluralism and Unity

December 01, 2022 Many people may question, politically and culturally, whether the Yuan Dynasty established by the Mongols and the Qing Dynasty established by the Manchus are indeed China?

The State Formation of modern China——Modernity

November 23, 2022 We need to first clarify what modernity is? Who defines modernity?

The State Formation of modern China

November 3, 2022 The state form and international relations form in today's world are basically modeled after those of Western Europe. However, in reality, the traditional politics of Western Europe, ...

The internal and international politics of traditional China

October 26, 2022 The political rules of traditional China, especially the idea of "Great Unity," which is easier to understand in today's world.