The Allure of the Chinese Model

African leaders came to the Chinese-African summit meeting both to seek out economic cooperation and to draw inspiration from the Chinese model of development.

Does the CPC Work for China?

The CPC is not an equivalent of Western political parties. Selection and election reconnects China’s past with its present.

How Did China Become America’s Top Rival in 70 Years?

Adapting and Innovating: China's Quest for Indigenous Science and Industrialization

The State Formation of Modern China – Unity

In the article “On Domestic and International Politics of Traditional China”, we mentioned the traditional Chinese conception of “unification” – “mandate of heaven”. Of which, the “heaven” refers to t...

The State Formation of Modern China – Modernity

China’s traditional politics is an open system while western Europe’s traditional politics is composed of each of their own closed systems.

The State Formation of Modern China – Intro

The forms of countries and international relations in the contemporary world are basically modeled on those in western Europe. But we can’t conclude that the formation of such form is the result of hi...

Taiwan’s Workers’ Movement

March 14, 2023 An opportunity to delve into the Taiwan's complex history surrounding workers' rights, labor movements, and cross-strait relations, while also considering the future of its workforce.

Chinese balloon incident

February 17, 2023 Public reaction to the balloon drama is vastly different on the two sides of the Pacific. The situation could lead to further escalation between the two nations.

Vijay Prashad: Why Rich Countries Become Racist?

June 7, 2023 Why India people believe BBC is telling the truth? Why TikTok struggles to be able to platform and highlight views of the south?Today, Vijay Prashad will continue to tell us why media fro...