Xi Jinping Addresses war in Gaza at BRICS Leaders’ Extraordinary Joint Meeting

November 22, 2023

Xi Jinping Addresses War in Gaza at BRICS Leaders’ Extraordinary Joint Meeting

On November 21, 2023, the leaders of the BRICS nations held a video meetings to address the escalating war in Gaza. Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates, nations that were invited to join the BRICS next year, also attended the meeting. The virtual conference is the first of its kind dedicated to an international issue in the history of BRICS. A joint statement was released calling for the release of hostage and a humanitarian truce. The statement was signed on by the U.N. secretary generals’ office.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech during the BRICS Leader’s Video Summit, in which he expressed his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and urged for immediate actions to achieve a lasting and secure peace. He highlighted three urgent tasks that need to be addressed. Firstly, he called for an immediate cessation of hostilities, urging the conflicting parties to stop violence and attacks against civilians and release hostages. Secondly, Xi emphasized the importance of secure humanitarian corridors and increased assistance to the people in Gaza. Lastly, Xi stressed the need for practical measures by the international community to prevent the conflict from destabilizing the entire Middle East region.

The BRICS video conference on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict represents a significant milestone in international diplomacy, showcasing the unity and determination of emerging-market countries and developing nations to address global challenges. By leveraging their collective influence, the BRICS countries are striving to bring about a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict and foster a more just and harmonious world. As of November 22, a deal was reached between the two conflicting parties to release hostages from both sides.  


China Falls to South Korea in World Cup Asian Qualifier

On November 21, South Korea beat China 3-0 in Group C of the 2026 FIFA World Cup Asian Zone qualifying tournament. China’s defeat to South Korea was not unexpected, given the apparent disparity in the teams’ strengths.

However, controversy ensued as Korean’s top star Son Heung-min’s actions on the field sparked a heated debate. After scoring a goal, the Tottenham captain made a gesture to silence the Chinese fans, which didn’t sit well with the Chinese players. Speaking in a post-match interview, Son acknowledged the challenging nature of playing away from home and expressed his appreciation for the enthusiastic Chinese fans. The match also had its share of refereeing controversies with Chinese players questioning the first penalty awarded to Korea.

This is South Korea’s second consecutive victory, placing them at the top of the group standings. Despite the loss, China is still in the race to qualify for the World Cup as it won 2:1 against Thailand earlier this month. With upcoming matches against Singapore in March next year, the Chinese team aims to secure all six points and continue its progress.


CEO of China’s Largest Online Gaming Streaming Firm Arrested for Operating Gambling Den

On November 21, DouYu, one of China’s largest game streaming platforms, announced that Chen Shaojie, the CEO of DouYu, was arrested in Chengdu on November 16. The whereabouts of this billionaire, who had been missing for nearly three weeks, were finally confirmed. The news had an immediate impact on DouYu’s stock price, which plummeted by more than 10% in pre-market stock trading. On November 22, Chengdu police department issued a statement revealing that Chen Shaojie was arrested for operating illegal gambling den. In recent years, DouYu has faced multiple penalties and undergone rectification due to involvement in illicit content such as gambling and explicit contents. The arrest of its CEO will deal a significant blow to DouYu.

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