The US Forgets How They Made Toyota World’s Leading Car Company

Chinese EV shipments to Europe have increased by 361% from 2021. Realising how quickly these Chinese companies have succeeded, European auto executives have been quick to ring the alarm bells.

How Biden Tries to Save America by Divorcing Neoliberalism

After years of forcing neoliberalism down the throats of developing countries, the United States is finally conceding its fallacy by quietly gearing towards Bidenomics. Should it be held accountable t...

Why Is Socialism Catching Up in the US?

US war machine has waged endless wars around the world, but has failed to win and has gradually isolated itself more and more.

2024: The Start of Another Surprise War?

The world still has many fault lines that could lead to a war.

The United States Is Unworthy of Him

Aaron Bushnell, a member of the U.S. Air Force, burned himself to death in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. , shouted“Free Palestine!”. Such people are precious to America. Their anger ...

After Neoliberalism, the Two Major Parties in the United States still cannot Find a Direction.

The traditional US coalitions of left and right face battles they were not set up to fight.

How Does the U.S. Dollar Hegemony “Drain Blood” from the World Economy?

The US dollar is central to the current global currency system. Therefore, the U.S. could easily affect the economy of any country in the world. In terms of, global competition, the U.S. can always wi...