China’s Unification Process Has Already Begun

Chinese expert on international issues:"'One Country, One System' will be the ultimate fate for Taiwan, leaving no other options for its future."

Regarding Taiwan, Why Doesn’t the US Worry China?

Taiwan might not see another "presidential" election, as Beijing's stance shifts from "peaceful unification" to just "unification."

Taiwan’s Choice Between ‘War and Peace’

Still, war worries appear to be rising among Taiwanese. A prime example was the PLA drills following Pelosi's Taiwan visit two years ago. After the furor subsided, it became clear neither the DPP gove...

What is It Like to be a Socialist in Taiwan?

Born in Taiwan in the 50s at the height of the White Terror, Mr. Wu Rongyuan was initially sentenced to death by Kuomintang for engraving the Communist Manifesto on steel plates while at university.

Taiwan’s Workers’ Movement

March 14, 2023 An opportunity to delve into the Taiwan's complex history surrounding workers' rights, labor movements, and cross-strait relations, while also considering the future of its workforce.

As a Taiwanese, he said: Peaceful reunification is the only way for Taiwan to survive

March 7, 2023 As a Taiwanese political prisoner who supports reunification, he argues that recognizing Taiwan as part of China and pursuing peaceful reunification is the only viable path forward for T...

A Socialist in Taiwan

February 14, 2023 A Taiwanese Dissident's Perspective: The gestation, development and frustration of socialist thinking in Taiwan.