Science Express

Chinese ‘Super Disk’ shrinks data centre storage capacity into DVD-sized

For data centers that manage large volumes of information in AI era, optical discs remain an indispensable storage medium.

Human’s Giant Cousin Wiped Out by Failing to Adapt

A multidisciplinary team explored 22 caves scattered throughout southern China to uncover the secrets of its extinction. They published their research in the latest issue of Nature.

Scientists Achieve Unprecedented Stability in Atomic Clock

As the demand for accurate synchronization continues to grow, the remarkable stability achieved by the RAFS opens up new possibilities for scientific research, technological advancements, and societal...

First Working Graphene Chips as Next Generation Semiconductors

A working, scalable semiconductor has been created from graphene for the first time, potentially paving the way for a new type of computer with greater speed and efficiency than today’s silicon chips.

China Doubles Down on RISC-V Chip Development Amid Potential US Restrictions

It has become clear that Chinese institutions and firms will press ahead with R&D on RISC-V, disregarding any potential restrictions from the US.

China’s New AI Chip Unveils, Faster Than All

In the shadow of new US tech constraints, Tsinghua University's ACCEL chip marks a significant leap in the realm of high-speed, energy-efficient vision computing.

China Unveils Massive Neutrino Telescope Array in the Depths of Pacific Ocean

TRIDENT's advanced technology and large dimensions allow it to detect even the faintest signals from cosmic sources.

The World’s First, 97% Energy Reduction with Advanced Computing Performance

Chinese researchers developed a brain-inspired chip that seamlessly integrates memory and computing to unlock real-time on-device learning.

The Near-Extinction of Human Species, a Million Years Ago

Fewer than 1,300 breeding humans were left on the Earth for more than 100,000 years - Stunning Revelation from Our Genome.