Where Does China Stand in the World Today?

What role does Asia play in the 21st century? How did China achieve its current state and what impact will it have on the global landscape?

The China Model: A Viable Alternative to the Western Model?

How does the Chinese model compare to the US model, can other countries imitate the rise of China, and what lessons can be learned from China’s development?

China, The Great Unifier

Fragmentation facing our world today is no less menacing than what China has had to endure throughout history. Will China's relentless pursuit of unity be the key to our modern woe?

China and India should be Global South anchors, not power competitors

The future bodes well for both China and India. The Asian century that Deng Xiaoping described to Rajiv Gandhi in the late 1980s is dawning. China has grown into a pole in our multipolar world and Ind...

The United States Is Unworthy of Him

Aaron Bushnell, a member of the U.S. Air Force, burned himself to death in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. , shouted“Free Palestine!”. Such people are precious to America. Their anger ...

It’s not yet the time to talk about ‘lose-lose’

On Feb. 12, 2024, The Munich Security Conference released its annual report, painting a gloomy picture of current global affairs, reflected in its theme of “Lose-Lose.”

Europe used to bring us a sense of technological oppression, and now it’s their turn

"The more backward the more protectionism, the more protectionism the more backward", once led the technological change of Europe is now also caught in such a strange circle. Europe can "break the thi...

China’s transition towards new economic impetus

Eric Li speaks on China’s transition towards new economic impetus and its vision for its global role. Li argues that China's plans are stated plainly and outright in official documents, if you know wh...

Taiwan’s Choice Between ‘War and Peace’

Still, war worries appear to be rising among Taiwanese. A prime example was the PLA drills following Pelosi's Taiwan visit two years ago. After the furor subsided, it became clear neither the DPP gove...

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