Europe’s ‘Lose-Lose’ vs. Asia’s ‘Win-Win’

The West fears global "lose-lose" scenarios, reflecting European anxieties amid multiple crises, while Asia, leading by China and ASEAN, has thrived with "win-win" outcomes.

Hungary is Saving Europe by Cooperating with China

Why did President Xi choose Hungary as the final stop of his visit to Europe?

Why France? China’s Xi Jinping’s First Stop in Europe

First time in 5 years, China's President Xi visited Europe. The first stop is France, a country that has always been striving to lead EU towards achieving strategic autonomy.

By Embracing China, Hungary is Rescuing Europe from the US

Why did Xi Jinping choose Hungary as the final stop of his visit to Europe?

Scholz’s China Visit: Opportunities Amidst US De-Risking?

Will Germany follow in the footsteps of the United States and ban the entry of China's electric vehicle industry into its market?

The US Forgets How They Made Toyota World’s Leading Car Company

Chinese EV shipments to Europe have increased by 361% from 2021. Realising how quickly these Chinese companies have succeeded, European auto executives have been quick to ring the alarm bells.

We Need to Deal With Asian and African Countries as Europeans, not as Vassals of the United States

Over the last decade, the destination for global FDI is being increasingly driven by geopolitical closeness as compared to geographic closeness, especially for Europe. Macron wants to say no.

Why Europe is not free to relate to China?

The EU needs China much more than China needs the EU, but it is restrained by the US in its relationship with China.