Chinese Game Giant Investing $65 Million in Nuclear Power

The investment has led to a validation of the technical approach, and tens of billions will continue to fund the development of its next-generation device.

China Leads the Way From Ocean Waves to Clean Hydrogen Fuel

Combining offshore wind and seawater electrolysis: a powerful duo for clean energy generation.

How Chinese Solar Upstarts Eclipsed Big Oil’s Energy Empire?

China's Photovoltaic Industry: A Rollercoaster Journey to Global Prominence

The Winds of Change: Why the EU is investigating China‘s wind turbines?

While the wind might be free, the technology that harnesses it never befalls us free of charge.

China’s 3rd-Gen Nuclear Unit Sets Record with Perfect Safety, Performance

The HPR1000 nuclear reactor is poised to be deployed in more nations globally, representing another key technology export from China following the success of high-speed rail.

China Unveils the World’s First Hydrogen Engine Aircraft Prototype

The incoming debut of the hydrogen-powered aircraft at the 2024 AERO Air Show in Germany this April will mark a significant milestone for China's green aviation sector.

Chinese Company to Mass Produce Nuclear Batteries: No Recharge Needed for 50 Years.

Recent Sci&Tech trends in China: 1. Chinese Firm developed Nuclear Battery that can Produce Power for 50 years 2. Distant Human Cousin, Gigantopithecus blacki, Wiped Out by Failing to Adapt

Chinese Firm developed Nuclear Battery that can Produce Power for 50 years

Chinese firm Betavolt Technology has developed a nuclear battery with diamond that can power your phone for half a century

World’s First Fourth-Generation Nuclear Reactor Has Commenced Commercial Operation in China

China is first out of the gate with a futuristic “fourth generation” nuclear reactor that promises safer and cleaner energy.

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