China Unveils the World’s First Hydrogen Engine Aircraft Prototype

The incoming debut of the hydrogen-powered aircraft at the 2024 AERO Air Show in Germany this April will mark a significant milestone for China's green aviation sector.

Chinese Firm developed Nuclear Battery that can Produce Power for 50 years

Chinese firm Betavolt Technology has developed a nuclear battery with diamond that can power your phone for half a century

World’s First Fourth-Generation Nuclear Reactor Has Commenced Commercial Operation in China

China is first out of the gate with a futuristic “fourth generation” nuclear reactor that promises safer and cleaner energy.

Did China just launched an artificial sun to the sky? | THRESHOLD

The scientific race for the power of the stars is not only heating up, it's positively ablaze.

Green tech (literally): photosynthesis in human body | THRESHOLD

Scientists have developed a way to give human cells the ability to photosynthesize like plants, which could be a groundbreaking anti-aging treatment. A team led by Prof. Fan Shunwu extracted tiny sacs...