With a Monthly Salary of 20,000 Yuan, I can’t “Afford” Bread.

Casually entering a popular bread shop with long queues, the prices are ridiculously high.How did bread become so expensive? Can common people still afford bread?

Shine Muscat:”Hermès of the grape” is readily available to Chinese consumers.

This summer Shine Muscat what Chinese people called "Hermès of the grape" once again experienced a price drop. Interestingly, it becomes less tasty at the same time.

Shenyang City: A Pilgrimage Site for Beijing White-Collar Workers on Weekends

Today, instead of Paris or Seoul, Beijing White Collars are keen to go visit Shenyang City on their Weekend.

Black Friday Becomes a Carnival for Chinese Cross-border Merchants

"Black Friday" promotion is not only a shopping frenzy for overseas consumers but also a hopeful opportunity for cross-border sellers in China now.

Why does Sichuan Cuisine never fail to attract U.S. people?

No matter whether you like China or not, nobody can really say no to Chinese food. Sichuan cuisine, one of the most famous Chinese cuisines, can be found in any corner of the world. In this article, t...