How Chinese View US Presidential Debate Catastrophe?

Some Americans say Biden has obvious cognitive decline, while Trump faces multiple criminal charges. What do Chinese people think of the 2024 US presidential election?

What if Trump Wins Again?

As long as the United States does not aspire to dominate the world, Trump’s election might not be a tragedy.

Jeffrey Sachs: To make Taiwan Safe, US should Insist on One China

To make Taiwan safe, the US should insist on one China, rather than arming the island to the teeth.

Biden and Trump: Who Is the Lesser Evil?

The first 2024 U.S. presidential debate was shocking. Is this the level of discourse expected in the election for the leader of such a global superpower as the United States?

Southeast Asia Knows How to Deal With China; The U.S. Doesn’t

Why is the Western mind closed when it comes to China?

US Scapegoats China to Cover its Incompetence against Russia

Past years saw the West's failure of sanctions against Russia. To mask their weakness, they turn to punish China for supporting Moscow.

A Right-Turning Europe Relies on China More Than Ever

Former finance minister of Greece argued that China's demand for German exports kept Germany alive.

U.S. Role in South China Sea Tensions: China vs. Philippines

Though inciting the Philippines to provoke China in the South China Sea, the US won't truly support the Philippines if the clash escalates.

Will U.S. Investment Limits Hinder China’s Tech Growth or Backfire?

Claiming to be a defender of the free market, the United States has once again acted against free market principles, digging a grave for American capital.

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