Why the U.S. Threatens the Globe with Table Menu Theory?

The phrase "if you're not at the table, you'll probably be on the menu" said by Blinken representing a zero-sum game mentality that rooted in the US ruling class.

How Biden’s CHIPS Act Hurts TSMC?

Both Chinese mainland and Taiwanese chip manufacturers are facing the challenges of the CHIPS Act, making the global supply chain even more unstable than Biden's mental state.

We value politics, but prioritize life.

By Metro, Not Politics, Mexican Expert said.

Is MAGA Communism the future of the US?

MAGA is usually criticized as being extreme right-wing, while Communism is always seen as left-wing. How does the Infrared combine these seemingly opposite concepts?

How the US Keeps Fighting China, Knowing It Won’t Win?

Radhika Desai, Director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group, University of Manitoba, explains what's the driving forces behind this obsession.

Why US Defense Secretary hid his hospitalization from Biden?

What kept Biden in the dark about US Defense Secretary Austin’s hospitalization?

How to define China-US Relations? Let’s use Trump.

China-US relations can be categorized to three periods: Pre-Trump, Trump, and Post-Trump, here's why.

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