Stadium Collapse in China’s Northeast City, Three Killed
November 7, 2023

Stadium Collapse in China’s Northeast City, Three Killed

On the night of November 6, a stadium collapsed in Jiamusi, a city in China’s Northeastern Province Heilongjiang. The building, which had a two-story frame structure covering an area of 2000 square meters, experienced a collapse in approximately one-fourth of its structure. There were a total of 7 people present. The rescue operation was completed by midnight, resulting in three fatalities and one injury. It is worth noting that Northeast China was experiencing its first major blizzard of the season at the time of the collapse. Witnesses reported that heavy snow and ice had accumulated on the roof of the stadium prior to the collapse.

The news of the accident shocked Chinese public opinion. Many recalled a similar accident that occurred just three months earlier, in which 11 students were killed and four were injured when a school gymnasium collapsed. Coincidentally, that accident also took place in Heilongjiang Province and was attributed to roof overloading. In light of these similarities, the public is now calling for a thorough investigation into the Jiamusi accident to determine if factors other than the bizzard contributed to the collapse.


China’s Vice Premier He Lifeng to Visit the United States on November 8

In response to an invitation from U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, China’s Vice Premier and the Chinese leader of the U.S.-China Economic and Trade team, He Lifeng, will visit the United States from November 8 to 12. The upcoming visit is expected to foster further dialogue and understanding between the two major economies.


Bizzard Sweeps Across Northeastern China

Since November 5, the China Meteorological Administration has issued three-day warnings for blizzards, cold waves, and strong winds, signaling the first major blizzard of the season in China’s Northeast region. Local weather stations picked up a record-breaking snowfall on November 6. In response to the anticipated severe blizzard, multiple cities in the Northeast have enforced school closures on November 6. As one of the region’s largest transportation hubs, Harbin Airport grounded 260 flights on the same day.

As one of China’s main grain-producing regions, the Northeast has millions of acres of corn and rice yet to be harvested as blizzards hit. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has dispatched expert teams to the Northeastern provinces to expedite the final stages of the autumn harvest. Additionally, local farmers have been guided to reinforce windproof structures for greenhouses and warehouses to ensure food supply.

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