Shifting Power: From West to the Rest

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About the Instructor
Zhang Weiwei_name
Zhang Weiwei
Professor of Political Science; Director the China Institute of Fudan University
Rob Riemen_name
Rob Riemen
Founder of the Nexus Institute
Shaha Riza_name
Shaha Riza
Libyan former World Bank employee

Hosted by Rob Riemen, Libyan former World Bank employee Shaha Riza, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, Dean of China Institute at Fudan University Zhang Weiwei, American admiral and security specialist William J.Fallon, Venezuelan journalist and writer Moieses Naim, and Chairman of the Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia Ivan Krastev, 6 reknowned scholars from all over the world, came together in this Nexus Conference to discuss “The World of Power”. What does it mean to be powerful? What can a powerful country do?