Research & Advisory

Incorporating resources in Chinese government, academia, business and media, we aim to build a community of international professionals with access to grassroot public sentiment in China, policy analysis from top advisors and tailor-made research and education programmes.
Research & Advisory
The China Academy runs a boutique research team with a long history of servicing Chinese companies and is a regular contributor to policy advisory reports for Chinese governments at the local and central levels. Starting 2022, the international team is expanding its services to the boardrooms and C-suites of companies and investors with significant exposure to the Chinese market and Chinese competitors. We aim to help organizations build their China IQ, by leveraging the team’s unique positioning at the intersection where the minds of top policy advisors, industry experts and grassroot netizens meet. The China Academy team has built one of China’s most influential current affairs content outlet, with over 150 million subscribers across Chinese social media. That combined with extensive connection with China’s top intellectual, science and technology and the business community, has meant that our team is able to deliver the most truthful analysis of what unfolding in China and on-the-ground sentiments.
Among our corporate clientele are multinational corporations from Europe and Chinese global companies. In a most recent case, we helped the ownership group and global leadership team of a world leading luxury house to rethink their geopolitical, market, and operational risks and opportunities in China in the post COVID era.
Connection with Global Intellectual Community
Engagement with Grassroot Sentiment in China
On-the-Ground Contacts for Field Research

Our Products

Tailor-made Report
Featured by the clients' most critical issues and opportunities, our reports assist clients with risk management in China.
Immersive Tour
Deep into cities, villages, companies, and schools, we provide clients with practical exposure and firsthand knowledge of contemporary Chinese society.
Interactive Courses
We deliver online courses to strengthen clients' awareness and understanding of China's politics, economy, and culture. Clients will discuss topics of interest with the instructors - the leading scholars and policy advisors in China.
In-person Executive Seminar
Experts on China will host in-person sessions with corporate C-suites and investors with significant China exposure.

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