Happy Chinese New Year of the Loong
What Harris vs. Trump Matchup Means for China
July 23, 2024
To China, this brand new match has nothing new to offer.


Professor Zhang Weiwei

Director of Fudan University China Institute, Political Scientist

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How Chinese View US Presidential Debate Catastrophe?
July 15, 2024
Some Americans say Biden has obvious cognitive decline, while Trump faces multiple criminal charges. What do Chinese people think of the 2024 US presidential election?
China’s Prisons Transform Scammers into Artists
July 22, 2024
In China, prisoners serving their sentences are entrusted with preserving and mastering the skills of intangible cultural heritage.
This Might Be the Most Elegant Drone You’ve Ever Seen
July 22, 2024
Chinese scientists unveil the world’s tiniest solar-powered drone, weighing just 4.21 grams.
Chinese Game Giant Investing $65 Million in Nuclear Power
July 17, 2024
The investment has led to a validation of the technical approach, and tens of billions will continue to fund the development of its next-generation device.
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Through Election, Macron Paves the Way for a Right-wing Comeback
July 16, 2024
Macron's grand gamble paid off. But if they prove powerless in boosting the French economy Again, 2027 is likely to witness a worrying comeback of France’s far right.
China succeeded by rejecting neoliberalism
July 10, 2024
US’s love of sanctions on China will be its downfall.
China No Longer Need to Subsidize EV Enterprises
July 18, 2024
Renowned Chinese professor counters foreign journalist's question on EV car subsidies with a counterpoint.
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Biotech Decoupling: US Seeks to Cut Crucial Chinese Ties…At What Cost?
July 16, 2024 science_hat
A Chinese biotech giant faces 'national security concerns' again, but the US can't afford to cut ties just yet.
How Chinese Solar Upstarts Eclipsed Big Oil’s Energy Empire?
June 20, 2024 science_hat
China's Photovoltaic Industry: A Rollercoaster Journey to Global Prominence
Black Markets and Brothels, Official Guides of Soros’ Investments
May 6, 2024 science_hat
How do you know if a country is worth an investment? Founder of the Quantum Fund is ready to share some unconventional wisdom.
How Biden Tries to Save America by Divorcing Neoliberalism
March 20, 2024 science_hat
After years of forcing neoliberalism down the throats of developing countries, the United States is finally conceding its fallacy by quietly gearing towards Bidenomics. Should it be held accountable though?
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We’ve chosen and translated competing ideas on the future of China’s economy & the role of the real estate sector from ten top Chinese economists