ASK Zhang Weiwei
Professor Zhang Weiwei, Director of Fudan University China Institute, Political Scientist.
Zhang Weiwei is a leading expert on China’s political system, a bestselling author on the rise of China and the “China Model”. He currently directs the China Institute at Fudan Uni-versity, one of China’s top think tanks and research institutions.
Professor Zhang is a close advisor to China’s top leadership. He recently spoke at a col-lective study session for members of the Politburo in May 2021. Zhang is also the main speaker of China’s nationally top rated current affairs commentary show “China Now 这就是中国“ . There are over XXX million followers to his social media presence globally. He is widely cited in the media for his prediction of Arab Winter, a term first coined during his de-bate with American political scientist Francis Fukuyama in 2011.


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Your theory of the Civilizational State has been adopted by countries such as India and Russia to explain their own existence. Do you find their application of your theory accurate?
In your famous debate with political scientist Francis Fukuyama, you have vehemently denied Fukuyama's proposal of liberalism as the "end of history" in terms of a desirable political system. With China setting its goal of reaching common prosperity, i.e. general economic equality and social justice, in 2050, do you consider socialism the true definition of the "end of history"?
How does China want the Russia-Ukraine war to end?
Under what circumstances would mainland China give up Taiwan?