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Yin Zhiguang
Dr Zhiguang Yin is a Professor in international politics at the Fudan University.
His research interest lies mainly in the area of Chinese modern intellectual and legal history, ethnic miniority policy, 19-20 century history of international relations, imperial history, and Sino-Middle Eastern relations.

Featured Works
His most recent monographs include:

A New World: Afro-Asian Solidarity and the PRC’s Imagination of Global Order (Chinese, 2022);

Politics of Art: The Creation Society and the Practice of Theoretical Struggle in Revolutionary China (Brill, 2014).

His articles appear in English and Chinese academic journals such as European Journal of International Law, Third World Quarterly, History,Turkish Journal of Sociology, Shehui Kexue (Social Sciences), and Kaifang Shidai (Open Times).

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