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Chen Ping
Research Fellow, China Institute, Fudan University, Shanghai, China;
Prof. of Economics and Finance, National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing, China.

Featured Works
Richard H.Day & Ping Chen,Nonlinear Dynamics and Evolutionary Economics, Oxford University Press, Oxford(1993).

Chen Ping, Civilization Bifurcation, Economic Chaos, and Evolutionary Economic Dynamics, Peking University Press, Beijing 2004.

Ping Chen,Economic Complexity and Equilibrium Illusion: Essays on Market Instability and Macro Vitality, London: Routledge (2010).

Emiliano Ippoliti & Ping Chen Eds. Methods and Finance: A Unifying View on Finance, Mathematics and Philosophy, in SAPERE Series (Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics), Springer, Berlin (2017).

B.S. in physics, University of Science & Technology of China, Beijing, China, 1968;
He won the first Ph.D. in physics for an economics dissertation on economic chaos with strait A at University of Texas at Austin in 1987.
His main contributions include the multi-peak distribution in statistic physics, the first empirical and theoretical evidence of economic color chaos in continuous time, metabolic growth theory, the birth-death process for option pricing and financial dynamics, the Frisch model and the perpetual motion machine type II, the relative deviation as risk measurement, meso foundation of macro fluctuations, the general Smith (Smith-May-Chen) Theorem, and ecological evolution of culture and society.

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