Wen Yang
Wen Yang is a retired Naval officer, research fellow at the China Institute of Fudan University, the Shanghai Chunqiu Institute for Development and Strategic Studies, and the Chongyang Institute of Chinese People' s University.
Featured Works
Co-authored "China's Strength" (2009)
Co-authored "Why China Again?" (2022)
Authored "The People's Republic" (2017)
Authored "China As Tianxia: The Huge Nation and Sedentary Civilization" (2019)
Authored "The Logic of Civilization: The Interaction and Evolution of Chinese and Western Civilization" (2021)
Lecturer of the 40-episode audio course "Wen Yang on Civilization" (2021)
Lecturer of 2 episodes of the video course "What The West Gets Wrong About China?" (2023)
Lecturer of 2 episodes of the video course "Why China Will Not Collapse?" (2023)
He was the chief editor of Chinese newspapers and websites in New Zealand (2003-2012), columnist for overseas Chinese media(2001-2009).
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