Christopher Kutarna
Chris is a Canadian political scientist, author, and investor. He's the founder of the Neue Geographical Society — a nonprofit movement of intrepid people who come together to expand the world’s thinking.
Chris is author of the international bestseller Age of Discovery, a TED speaker, and coach to senior leaders in government and F100 companies on Oxford Saïd Business School’s flagship executive education programmes.
Featured Works
Goldin, Ian & Kutarna, Chris: Age of Discovery. Navigating the Risks and Rewards of our New Renaissance. London, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2016. 6.
After obtaining a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Oxford, Chris immersed himself in the investment industry, holding executive positions at Boston Consulting Group and Dundee Corporation in Canada.
In early 2016, during a global business leaders summit, Chris made two predictions: firstly, that the UK would vote to leave the European Union in a public referendum, and secondly, that Donald Trump would be elected as the next President of the United States. Subsequently, he took the TED stage to reaffirm his views, stating that we may be experiencing a second Renaissance, but breaking free from outdated modes of thinking is crucial to ushering in this era.
Months after the Brexit referendum, Chris co-authored a book titled "The Age of Discovery" with Ian Goldin, which received rave reviews upon its release after five years of collaboration.
Having lived in China for several years, Chris is one of the founders of the Hong Kong-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Foundation. The Neue Geographic Society, an organization he founded, provides consulting services to top global entities and institutions, including Unilever, BlackRock, and NATO.
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