China's Top Spy Agency Uncovers British Espionage Operation on Chinese Soil

January 8, 2024

China’s Top Spy Agency Uncovers British Espionage Operation on Chinese Soil

China’s Ministry of State Security has successfully dismantled a case involving the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), exposing their espionage activities in China through the use of individuals from a third country.

A foreigner, identified by surname Huang, was in charge of an overseas consulting agency. The collaboration between MI6 and Huang began in 2015 when he was recruited and a “cooperative intelligence relationship” was established. Since then, MI6 directed Huang to enter China multiple times, guiding him to collect intelligence under the guise of public activities and recruiting individuals for MI6.

Through meticulous investigation, Chinese national security agencies uncovered evidence of Huang’s involvement in espionage activities. In accordance with the law, they promptly took coercive measures against him. Security assessments revealed that Huang had transmitted nine pieces of confidential national secrets, five pieces of secret-level national secrets, and three pieces of intelligence to British authorities.


China Sanctions Five US Military Firms

In response to the recent introduction of a new round of arms sales to Taiwan by the United States and the imposition of sanctions on Chinese enterprises and individuals under various pretexts, China has introduced countermeasures. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on 7 January that it had imposed sanctions on five United States military-industrial enterprises. The measures include the freezing of movable and immovable property and other types of property within China’s territory, and prohibiting organizations and individuals within China’s territory from engaging in transactions, cooperation and other activities with them.

Arms sales to Taiwan are regarded by China as one of the most direct, egregious and dangerous ways for the United States to intervene in the Taiwan issue. And they are seen as a concentrated manifestation of the United States’ violation of the one-China principle and the three joint communiqués of China and the United States.

The latest arms sale by the United States to Taiwan island was announced in December last year, valued at $300 million, to provide command, control, communications, computer life cycle support and related equipment to Taiwan island. A month before the arms sale, the heads of China and the United States had just met in San Francisco. At the meeting, China demanded that the U.S. reflect its non-support for Taiwan’s independence in concrete actions and stop “arming Taiwan Island”. The United States, for its part, reiterated its commitment not to support “Taiwan’s independence” and stressed its adherence to the one-China policy.


China’s Newest Superconducting Quantum Computer began Operation

China’s domestically developed third-generation superconducting quantum computer, named “Origin Wukong,” was officially put into operation this Saturday at Origin Quantum Computing Technology (Hefei) Co., Ltd. The quantum computer is equipped with 72 self-developed superconducting quantum chips called “Wukong Cores,” making it the most advanced programmable and deliverable superconducting quantum computer in China.

According to Dr. Kong Weicheng, Deputy Director of the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center, “Origin Wukong” is paired with the third-generation quantum computing measurement and control system “Origin Tianji.” It has achieved the first batch of fully automated testing of quantum chips in China, significantly improving the overall operational efficiency of quantum computers.

Wukong’s name was inspired by Sun Wukong, a mythical Chinese figure with the ability to transform into 72 different forms, symbolizing the computer’s powerful and versatile capabilities. This marks a significant milestone in China’s quantum computing capabilities, demonstrating advancements in chip technology, automation, and quantum system integration.

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