China Coast Guard carries out more law-enforcement patrols in waters near Kinmen

March 18, 2024

China Coast Guard carries out more law-enforcement patrols in waters near Kinmen

In another patrol, China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels sailed in the waters near the Kinmen islands on Friday and Saturday, a move experts said is intended to signal that Chinese mainland law-enforcement vessels will conduct more patrols in the waters to protect lives and safeguard the legitimate rights of fishermen from both mainland and Taiwan region.

Analysts from both sides of Taiwan Straits said that due to the February 14 fatal boat incident and the poor handling and negative attitude of the secessionist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities, the Chinese mainland will likely take more actions to protect the people, and the DPP will face a bitter situation in the situation that was provoked by the DPP authorities.

According to the CCG, its Fujian Province branch sent vessels to conduct law-enforcement patrols in the waters near Kinmen on Friday and Saturday. The coast guard claimed that the move aims to safeguard the legitimate rights and safety of life and property for Chinese fishermen, including those from Taiwan region. It said the CCG will keep strengthening its law-enforcement patrols and inspections.  


PLA Navy landing ships hold combat exercises in South China Sea

A group of landing ships of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recently held live-fire exercises in the South China Sea, with analysts saying on Sunday that the flexible vessels capable of carrying tanks in amphibious landing missions are important in the safeguarding of China’s territorial sovereignty and maritime rights.

The PLANS Danxiashan, the PLANS Daiyunshan and the PLANS Wanyangshan recently formed a task force and conducted multi-course realistic combat exercises in an undisclosed area in the South China Sea, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Sunday.

According to the report and publicly available information, the PLANS Danxiashan is a Type 072III tank landing ship, while the PLANS Daiyunshan and the PLANS Wanyangshan are Type 072A tank landing ships.

During the drills, the vessels undertook training courses including live-fire shooting against sea mine targets and side-by-side mooring.


Chinese scholars unveil draft on artificial intelligence law

On Saturday, Chinese scholars unveiled a preliminary proposal draft in Beijing that could potentially shape the nation’s forthcoming artificial intelligence (AI) law.

The proposal draft pays attention to the development issues of industrial practice in the three areas of data, computing power and algorithms, Zhao Jingwu, an associate professor from BeiHang University Law School, told the Global Times.

Zhao said that the proposal also introduces the AI insurance system that encourages the intervention of the insurance market through policy incentives, exploring insurance products suitable for the AI industry. In addition, it proposes the enhancement of citizens’ digital literacy, aiming to prevent and control the security risks of the technology from the user end.

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