China Accelerates Ambitious Lunar Landing Program

With prototype testing underway and astronaut training ramping up, China eyes a crewed lunar mission by 2030.

April 25, 2024
The China Academy

China aims to achieve a manned landing on the Moon by 2030.

Here’s an update on the latest developments:

Mission Progress

  • Design and Development: Key components for the mission, including the Long March 10 carrier rocket, the Mengzhou (“Dream Vessel”) spacecraft, the Lanyue (“Embracing the Moon”)  lunar lander, and the lunar suit, have completed the design phase and are now undergoing prototype production and testing.
  • Pacecraft and Lander: The spacecraft and lander have reached the final stages of structural and thermal testing.
  • Rocket Engine Testing: Ground testing of various rocket engines is currently underway.
  • Wenchang Launch Site Construction: Full-scale construction of the Wenchang Manned Lunar Exploration Launch Center has commenced.
  • Lunar Rover and Payload Selection: A public call for proposals for lunar rover and payload designs has been launched, with the best proposals to be selected through competitive evaluation.
    Astronaut Training
    To prepare for the lunar mission, astronauts will need to master a new set of skills beyond those required for space station missions. These include:
  • Mengzhou and Lanyue Operation: Operating the Mengzhou spacecraft and Lanyue lunar lander under normal and emergency conditions.
  • Lunar Egress and Ingress: Maneuvering in and out of the spacecraft and lander in the Moon’s low gravity environment (1/6th of Earth’s gravity).
  • Lunar Walking: Walking under the Moon’s reduced gravity while carrying heavy equipment.
  • Lunar Rover Driving: Operating the lunar rover over long distances for exploration and sample collection.
  • Lunar Drilling, Sampling, and Scientific Exploration: Conducting drilling, sampling, and scientific experiments on the lunar surface.Large-scale photonic chiplets for versatile content generations

    The China Academy
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