AI Talent Wars: Who’s Winning the Race?

"Stay in China!" Why Top AI Minds Are Choosing Home

Humanoid robot that rivals Atlas, the new US-China tech showdown

As China doubles down on AI and robotics, startups like Unitree play a crucial role in driving innovation in this critical field.

The Chinese 5.5G & EV Battery onslaught

China leads the way with 5.5G, accelerating towards an intelligent future. Meanwhile Chinese scientists produce a powerful winter-proof lithium battery that be able to charge even in minus 80 degrees ...

Beyond SORA: China vs. US in the AI Race

Step into the future with our video that explores the crossroads at which AI technology stands today. Faced with the challenge of escalating computational demands for systems like ChatGPT and the colo...

Why does NVIDIA consider Huawei as its top competitor?

NVIDIA listed Huawei as a major competitor in its annual report filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 21st. Intel, AMD, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, and Baidu are also ...

Are these popular diets good for you?

What happens to your body & brain when you start IER diet/Keto diet?

Graphene Chips: The Next Giant Leap in Computer Speed and Efficiency

In an unprecedented breakthrough, a Chinese-US research team has unlocked the potential of graphene, creating the world's first working semiconductor from this remarkable material. This innovation cou...

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