Graphene Chips: The Next Giant Leap in Computer Speed and Efficiency

In an unprecedented breakthrough, a Chinese-US research team has unlocked the potential of graphene, creating the world's first working semiconductor from this remarkable material. This innovation cou...

What to Wear in the New Year: Polar Bear Sweaters or Solar-Powered Air-Con Clothes?

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR from "Threshold in China" with Lisa! 🎉🐉 Dive back into our beloved theme as we unveil two groundbreaking outfits perfect for the season. Join us in exploring their potential to ...

Einstein Probe: The Satellite That Triggered Taiwan’s Island-Wide Air Raid Alert

How did a routine satellite launch trigger such a response? We delve into the interesting story of the Einstein Probe, a Chinese mainland satellite that inadvertently caused an island-wide air defens...

2023 Review: How China is Catching Up with the US in Key Tech Domains?

While China demonstrates formidable strength in several areas, it still faces challenges in others, particularly in achieving global influence in specific technologies. As both China and the US contin...

2023 Review: Who is Winning in Key Tech Domains?

Is the US's technological war and sanctions slowing China's rise, or is China closing the gap faster than expected?

The Tech of Saving Lives in Massive Earthquake, Drones, Aircraft, Satellites | THREHSOLD

From the daring skydives of 2008's Wenchuan earthquake to the high-tech drone and satellite response of the 2023 Gansu quake. Witness China's remarkable shift from human bravery to advanced technology...

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