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How U.S. Capital Hijacks the Public?

The true views of American journalists on press freedom in the United States.

G7 warns China about normal trade with Russia: Overreaching again?

At the G7 Summit, Western countries issued warnings to China's smaller banks, criticizing normal trade between China and Russia.

Will India intervene in China’s Taiwan issue, following in the footsteps of the US?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won a historic third term in office,How will Modi's re-election affect China-India relations?

This is what I fund in Xinjiang, China!

Western media has fabricated many rumors about Xinjiang, China. However, when you actually visit Xinjiang, you'll find that the reality is quite different.

“US fears India, so their lobby interferes in our elections”

The US believes they are at the center of the universe. Other countries should be their follower. They cannot accept the rise of Asia countries like Russia, India, and China.

Democracy in South Africa, 30 years on from Nelson Mandela

On 29th May, South Africans voted in what are expected to be the most competitive elections since the end of apartheid. Will ANC party lose its majority since 1994?

US-China Tech War: Which Side Is the EU On?

Treasury Secretary Yellen has urged the EU to raise import tariffs on China, but Von der Leyen has stated that they will not join such measures.

Will the Chinese Yuan Replace the US dollar?

Chinese BRI Initiative embedded its vision of Chinese Yuan internationalization in the global market. Will Yuan eventually substitutes dollar in the global exchange market?

Can Democracy Survive Without the West?

If you have 51%, it doesn't mean you can ignore the 49%. It's only a matter of time before the West will be stopped from dominating by the rest of the world.

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