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U.S. Role in South China Sea Tensions: China vs. Philippines

Though inciting the Philippines to provoke China in the South China Sea, the US won't truly support the Philippines if the clash escalates.

Will U.S. Investment Limits Hinder China’s Tech Growth or Backfire?

Claiming to be a defender of the free market, the United States has once again acted against free market principles, digging a grave for American capital.

EU tariffs on Chinese EVs, who is the victim?

The EU is backfiring for tariffing Chinese EVs. German mittlestands suffer first.

US VS China: Influence Battle in EU

Though under the pressure of America, voices of resistance have emerged in Europe, with France and Germany explicitly refusing to disengage with China.

Will Iran President’s death drag the Middle East into large-scale war?

Iran's President died in helicopter crash, state media says. What impacts will this accident has on the Middle East ?

Why Israel is so eager to drag the US into a war?

A few days ago, Israel withdrew most of its troops from southern Gaza. Is it for a ceasefire? preparation for potential retaliatory actions from Iran?

Who benefits the most from the US banning of TikTok?

why is the US so united in terms of its government, in terms of its legislature, in terms of its politicians so united in wanting to take over control of TikTok? Those Wall Street forces and Silicon V...

Why the U.S. Threatens the Globe with Table Menu Theory?

The phrase "if you're not at the table, you'll probably be on the menu" said by Blinken representing a zero-sum game mentality that rooted in the US ruling class.

Leaders Line Up to Visit Beijing Instead of D.C. | Speak Softly

Within a week, leaders from four countries paid a visit to the re-elected General Secretary Xi. Is it a signal of the world drifting away from the old order?