In China, France is Losing its National Dish

Charles de Gaulle said, "I cannot prevent the French from being French" Yet a Chinese county is challenging the French lifestyle by turning foie gras into a local specialty.

The Winds of Change: Why the EU is investigating China‘s wind turbines?

While the wind might be free, the technology that harnesses it never befalls us free of charge.

China Unveils Nationwide Supercomputing Network to Bolster Computing Power Capabilities

In the age of artificial intelligence, computing power has emerged as the most critical resource, fueling the engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Humanoid robot that rivals Atlas, the new US-China tech showdown

As China doubles down on AI and robotics, startups like Unitree play a crucial role in driving innovation in this critical field.

Will “Made in America” back? To be at the Mercy of China.

The next five years are important for testing the U.S. strategy for reshoring. How will China respond?

China’s 3rd-Gen Nuclear Unit Sets Record with Perfect Safety, Performance

The HPR1000 nuclear reactor is poised to be deployed in more nations globally, representing another key technology export from China following the success of high-speed rail.

How Oppenheimer Reveals About Japan’s Self-Denial on WWII

Japan’s convoluted and paradoxical attitude towards its imperial past

Ren Zheng Fei’s Corporate Management: Why the U.S Fears of Huawei?

How did Ren Zheng Fei establish a well-structured corporate management system in three decades that made the Chinese tech giant Huawei a significant threat to the White House?

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