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Russia v.s. the West: Who’s Really Isolated in Today’s World?

Russia is isolated by the West, but the West is isolated by the rest.

Former Foreign Secretary of India: How We See China

Border dispute has brought China and India to a critical crossroad. Time is needed to reach common ground, but time is running out.

Why Israel is so eager to drag the US into a war?

A few days ago, Israel withdrew most of its troops from southern Gaza. Is it for a ceasefire? preparation for potential retaliatory actions from Iran?

I Tried to Solve the Moscow Attack Mystery, and Here is What I Found

Is Ukraine to blame for the Moscow terrorist attack? Professor Shen Yi seeks to figure out who stands to benefit the most from the attack.

Protectionism Doesn’t Protect America

We've heard the politicized rhetoric repeated again and again: 'It's not your fault, it's China's fault.' However, the reality is that protectionism just doesn't protect.

Who could be against peace in Gaza? We know who is against it.

The Western world doesn’t know how to handle conflict, only knows how to increase violence. "There is either coexistence or no existence." Very simple but that's true.

China wants everyone at the table, not on the menu

US Secretary of State Blinken's notorious comment, 'If you're not at the table in the international system, you're going to be on the menu,' exposes a worldview where the strong have every right to pr...

China, The Great Unifier

Fragmentation facing our world today is no less menacing than what China has had to endure throughout history. Will China's relentless pursuit of unity be the key to our modern woe?

Crisis of China property giant Evergrande: Has China’s Property Bubble Finally Popped?

The forced liquidation of China Evergrande epitomizes the sector’s struggles, the Chinese government wants to address the financial risks by introducing the so-called 3 red lines.