ORAN: Hardly a Magic Bullet vs Huawei

Recently, DigiTimes published an opinion piece triumphantly declaring that the US will “beat Huawei once & for all” by promoting an emerging 5G architecture known as “Open Radio Access Network” (...

China’s Young Tech Star Gears Up for Commercial Launch of Humanoid Robots in 2024

"If programmers are considered gods in the digital world, then shaping robots with our own hands and infusing them with souls using AI is the ultimate romance for true geeks!"

China Leads the Way with 5.5G, Accelerating Towards an Intelligent Future

As the demands on networks have increased, 5.5G has become a key step on the path to the intelligent world.

Are these popular diets good for you?

What happens to your body & brain when you start IER diet/Keto diet?

Why does NVIDIA consider Huawei as its top competitor?

AI Chips: NVIDIA’s Chinese Rivals Scramble to Fill the Void

Chinese ‘Super Disk’ shrinks data centre storage capacity into DVD-sized

For data centers that manage large volumes of information in AI era, optical discs remain an indispensable storage medium.

Graphene Chips: The Next Giant Leap in Computer Speed and Efficiency

In an unprecedented breakthrough, a Chinese-US research team has unlocked the potential of graphene, creating the world's first working semiconductor from this remarkable material. This innovation cou...

What to Wear in the New Year: Polar Bear Sweaters or Solar-Powered Air-Con Clothes?

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR from "Threshold in China" with Lisa! 🎉🐉 Dive back into our beloved theme as we unveil two groundbreaking outfits perfect for the season. Join us in exploring their potential to ...

Innovative Brain Implant Restores Mobility for Patients with Complete Paralysis

Just as Elon Musk’s Neuralink announced their success in putting an implant into a human brain, making headlines globally, China also showcases its latest progress in clinical application of brain-com...

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