What is It Like to be a Socialist in Taiwan?

Born in Taiwan in the 50s at the height of the White Terror, Mr. Wu Rongyuan was initially sentenced to death by Kuomintang for engraving the Communist Manifesto on steel plates while at university.

The State Formation of Modern China – Unity

In the article “On Domestic and International Politics of Traditional China”, we mentioned the traditional Chinese conception of “unification” – “mandate of heaven”. Of which, the “heaven” refers to t...

The State Formation of Modern China – Modernity

China’s traditional politics is an open system while western Europe’s traditional politics is composed of each of their own closed systems.

The State Formation of Modern China – Intro

The forms of countries and international relations in the contemporary world are basically modeled on those in western Europe. But we can’t conclude that the formation of such form is the result of hi...

Why Does the West Depict China In Its Own Image?

The images the West has portrayed of China are projections of the West's own history.

Why was China never wiped out like all the other ancient civilizations?

May 26, 2023 China was able to rise and fall many times whereas the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Roman Empire, and the Great British Empire are all “dead”. Why China will not collapse? Prof. Wen...

The State Formation of modern China——From the Traditional State of Pluralism and Multiplicity to the Territorial State of Pluralism and Unity

December 01, 2022 Many people may question, politically and culturally, whether the Yuan Dynasty established by the Mongols and the Qing Dynasty established by the Manchus are indeed China?

The State Formation of modern China——Modernity

November 23, 2022 We need to first clarify what modernity is? Who defines modernity?

The State Formation of modern China

November 3, 2022 The state form and international relations form in today's world are basically modeled after those of Western Europe. However, in reality, the traditional politics of Western Europe, ...

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