Blinken claiming that China is spreading disinformation is in itself disinformation

March 21, 2024

Blinken claiming that China is spreading disinformation is in itself disinformation

During Wednesday’s routine press conference, when asked to comment on Blinken’s remarks during the Summit for Democracy on Monday accusing China of spreading false information, Lin said that China strongly opposes and is firmly against the remarks, and has made solemn representations to the US side.

The US’ Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s accusing China of spreading false information is in itself false information, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian on Wednesday. China has made solemn representations over Blinken’s remarks, he said.

“Democracy versus authoritarianism” hyped up at the so-called “summit for democracy” is a false narrative, while accusing China is spreading disinformation itself is disinformation, Lin noted.

He said that the US is the world’s biggest source and spreader of disinformation, and the world sees this clearly.


Closure of Shanghai office of Japan’s Kobe city not aimed at ‘decoupling’ with China: chief representative

Japanese netizens recently hyped that the closure of the Kobe International Community Center Shanghai Representative Office in Shanghai is “an important step in decoupling and breaking ties with China,” however, the chief representative of the office, Akiko Nakasone refuted these claims and said the Chinese market remains very important to Japan.

In an exclusive interview with the Global Times on Tuesday, Nakasone said that the main reason for the decision to close the Shanghai office is due to the limited fiscal budget of the Kobe City Government, and it is better to transfer part of the business of the Shanghai office to the Tianjin office than to set up two representative offices in China and reallocate resources toward Southeast Asian countries.

The Kobe City Government announced on its official website on the March 18 that Kobe International Community Center Shanghai Representative Office will cease operations on March 29. The office has been dedicated to attracting cargo, passenger ships and other investments to use the Port of Kobe since its establishment in October 2006, creating business opportunities for Japanese and Chinese companies and promoting economic exchanges


China launches Queqiao-2 as key relay communication platform for future lunar missions

China on Wednesday successfully launched into preset orbit the Queqiao-2 relay communication satellite as well as Tiandu-1, Tiandu-2 communication and navigation technology experiment satellites, the key constellation supporting the country’s subsequent Chang’e lunar exploration missions as well as international exploration programs.

Carrying the three satellites, a Long March-8 rocket took off from Wenchang Space Launch Site in South China’s Hainan Province at around 8: 31 am on Wednesday. And after a flight of 24 minutes, the Queqiao-2 satellite separated from the carrier rocket and then its solar wings and communication antennas unfolded normally, marking the complete success of the launch mission, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

Queqiao-2, or Magpie Bridge-2, is a relay satellite for communications between the far side of the moon and the Earth. The satellite will serve as a relay platform for the fourth phase of China’s lunar exploration program, providing communications services for Chang’e-4, Chang’e-6, Chang’e-7, and Long March-8 missions.

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