25 Fallen Chinese Soldiers from the Korean War Returns to China in Solemn Ceremony
November 23, 2023

25 Fallen Chinese Soldiers from the Korean War Returns to China in Solemn Ceremony

On November 23, a ceremony in Incheon was jointly held by China and South Korea, to transfer the remains and belongings of 25 Chinese soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

This significant event marked the 10th handover ceremony and took place at Incheon International Airport. Chinese Ambassador to South Korea, Xing Haiming, respectfully covered the coffins of the soldiers with China’s national flags, followed by a solemn memorial service conducted by the Chinese delegation. The coffins were then escorted by Chinese honour guards to an awaiting air force plane for repatriation.

Expressing gratitude for South Korea’s consistent efforts in facilitating the handover, Chinese Vice Minister of Veterans Affairs, Chang Zhengguo, acknowledged and appreciated their commitment. Chang also emphasized China’s dedication to further enhancing communication and coordination with South Korea, deepening friendly cooperation, and expediting the repatriation process for more fallen Chinese soldiers.

The ceremony was attended by members of the Chinese delegation, officials from the Chinese embassy in South Korea, representatives of Chinese students and companies based in South Korea, as well as officials from the South Korean defence ministry, foreign ministry, and presidential office.


Chinese Central Financial Commission Begins Operation

On November 20th, Chinese Premier Li Qiang arranged a meeting of the Central Financial Commission.

The meeting emphasized the need to enhance the quality of financial services for economic and social development. On the basis of maintaining a stable monetary policy, the meeting emphasized increasing support for major strategies and key economic sectors, and focusing on the five major areas of technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance. It stressed the need to comprehensively strengthen financial supervision, enhance departmental coordination, continue to increase the intensity of resolving existing risks, deepen reforms in related fields and improve risk prevention. Overall, the Central Financial Commission meeting emphasized practicality, highlighting specific measures. It can be expected that a series of pragmatic measures will be introduced in the future.

Chinese netizens generally believe that the development of finance is very important. They argue that disorderly development of the financial industry is not conducive to the development of the real economy. However, the power of finance, an important means of resource allocation, must be leveraged.


Chinese Woman Ordered to Apologize and Compensate Tesla in Defamation Case

A Chinese woman, identified as Li, has been instructed by the court to issue a public apology to Tesla and provide compensation after being found guilty of defamation. The case stems from an incident in March 2021 when Li was involved in a traffic accident while driving a Tesla Model 3.

In a subsequent turn of events, Li, along with another woman named Zhang, staged a protest at the Shanghai Auto Expo in April. Both donned attire bearing the words “Brake Failure” in an attempt to discredit Tesla. Zhang was subsequently detained for disruption of public order, while Li received an administrative warning.

During the legal proceedings, the court-appointed a judicial appraisal institution to evaluate the vehicle involved. The appraisal report concluded that the braking system of the Tesla Model 3 (VIN: LRW3E7EA9LC013130) was fully functional, without any malfunctions or issues affecting its performance. The system was found to comply with the relevant technical standards outlined in the “Technical Conditions for the Safety of Motor Vehicle Operation” and “Items and Methods of Motor Vehicles Safety Technology Inspection.”

The court’s judgment mandates that Li remove all defamatory statements and comments regarding Tesla from her social media account within ten days. Additionally, she is required to issue a written apology to Tesla via the same platform. As part of the ruling, Li must compensate Tesla for economic losses and legal expenses totalling 2,000 yuan.

Furthermore, Li is responsible for covering the appraisal fee of 20,000 yuan. The court allocated the majority of the court acceptance fee 25,390 yuan to the plaintiff, with Li being accountable for a nominal portion.

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